What if we were as organised about our own death as we are about our children’s birth?

How many stories have you heard about lost assets; people having to guess whether their loved ones wanted to be buried or cremated; Houses full of a lifetime’s stuff that need sorting; A laptop containing precious photographs, but no password to access it.

Here’s an idea… why not answer all the questions and do all the work before your death?

How can Dead Organised help you?

  1. We guide you through the process of completing your own End of Life Plan, so we can pull all the threads together… together.
  2. We’ve broken it down into modules, which you work through with your Facilitator either one-to-one, or in a group. This gives you time to think about each aspect, work on it and then answer it fully.
  3. Our expert facilitators bring a wealth of knowledge to make the process smooth and painless.
  4. You can choose to complete all modules or a selection, leaving you with the best parting gift you could possibly give your loved ones.

What does a typical plan cover

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Hannah is a Before I Go Solutions Accredited End of Life Plan Facilitator who is passionate about wild swimming and organising.

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